Personal injury lawyer in Ottawa: Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP

About Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP

Burn Tucker Lachaîne is a specialized personal injury law firm that is serving injury-hit victims efficiently. This law firm is a bilingual firm that was part of a big law firm, but in 2014, the firm would go on to become a boutique firm to serve the people of Ottawa exclusively. In addition, the team of this law firm includes senior personal injury lawyers, knowledgeable and experienced law clerks as well as a fine and professional accident benefits consultant. The main objective of this firm is to serve the local Ottawa community as well as surrounding communities in the entire Canada. Besides, the firm also supports community associations and arranges a lot of charitable programs.

What’s more, Burn Tucker Lachaîne law firm focuses on helping the victims along with their families to overcome the setback from a personal injury accident. This is possible because the lawyers and team of this law firm are experienced and possess the excellent skill set to deal with complex cases. On top of it, the firm usually involves the clients into the legal process while enlightening them on their rights and claims. In short, Burn Tucker Lachaîne will do their utmost to make sure that the personal injury victims get the best possible results through their services.

Why Choose Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP?

Here is why Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP is chosen over other personal injury law firm –

  • Burn Tucker Lachaîne law firm is a respectable and reputed personal injury law firm in Ottawa.
  • The firm takes an ad-hoc approach to the cases of their clients to ensure that the outcome is favorable to their clients.
  • All the lawyers of this firm are experienced and extremely professional in providing legal services.
  • Everyone including the lawyers at Burn Tucker Lachaîne is responsive to their clients’ needs.
  • The clients will certainly be satisfied while obtaining the deserved compensation and benefits.

Contact Information of Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP

Burn Tucker Lachaîne

Personal Injury Lawyers LLP

101 – 1815 Alta Vista Drive

Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3Y6

T: 613‑233‑6898

F: 613‑230‑6771

Who are the Lawyers of Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP?

The lawyers at Burn Tucker Lachaîne are knowledgeable, passionate, professional and experienced. Here are the lawyers and legal clerks of Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP –

The Lawyers

  • Colleen Burn
  • Laurie Tucker
  • Éliane Lachaîne
  • Dani Grandmaître

The Legal Clerks

  • Phyllis Bergmans
  • Susan Lepine
  • Deborah Davis
  • Lori Mitchell
  • Debi Dryden
  • Nicole McMullen
  • Valeríe Lepage

What are the services provided by Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP?

  • Personal injury
  • Motor vehicle/car accidents
  • Disability claims
  • Services for Quebec residents

What others are saying about Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP?

“Many thanks to Éliane Lachaîne and her team for all their help. Éliane is truly professional at what she does and I will recommend her firm to my friends if the need arises.”— R.W., Ottawa, Ontario

What are the areas served by Burn Tucker Lachaîne LLP?

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