Health Issue Concerns with Kids

Health is one of the major concerns of today’s fast moving lifestyle and if it is concerned with kids then it gets even more complicated. Kids out of their carelessness or unawareness hardly care about their health. They don’t even realize what is good for their health and what is not. They only do what they like and love to do. So, in that case it gets very important for the parents or guardians to lay emphasis onto their child’s health and be very sure of the well-being of their children.

Some of the most common issues regarding the health of kids that often concern parents are:

  • Unhealthy Food: Children today are more obsessed with eating junk food. The Chinese, Italian, etc cuisines have become children’s all-time favourite food. They prefer burgers, pizzas in lieu of healthy food. But as it is said “taste cannot always guarantee good health” is true. It is because such type of junk food is not good for health. It renders the effective growth of the children not only physically but mentally as well.
  • Obesity: Obesity or overweight is one of the consequence of eating unhealthy food and lack of exercise. It can be commonly observed that young children below the age of 12-15 years are generally over weight and short-heighted. This is because they are not getting proper nutrition essential for the optimum growth of their body and mind.
  • No Physical Activity: The advancement in technology has gripped control over the minds of the kids. Even a kid who is 5 years old knows very well how to use a mobile phone and has complete knowledge of computers and laptops. They are obsessed of the mobile games and play stations but if you ask them to go and play outdoor games. They will generally make faces and would not easily agree to go outside. This is having an immense negative impact on their physical and mental health. No physical activity tends to retard the overall physical growth and the violent action games are affecting the mental growth by making kids aggressive and impatient. So, it is highly recommended to the parents that they should encourage their children for outdoor activities as it is rightly said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.
  • Weak Eyesight: Excessive exposure to the harmful radiations emitted from mobile phones and laptops affect the eyesight of the children. These radiations are so strong that they peep into the eyes and gives strain that weakens the eyesight. This is the reason why 2 out of every 5 children have specs.
  • Tonsillitis: Each one of us is having a pair of tonsils in our throat which are responsible for fighting the infections that enter through the mouth into our body. But, what if these fighters themselves get infected? If it is so, then that problem is known as Tonsillitis. It is caused when some kind of bacteria or virus enters into the throat that may be due to intake of contaminated food or fluid. If your child get tonsillitis, then you can follow these simple tips that can provide relief to your child:
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat smooth foods like soups, porridge, custard etc.
  • Drink lukewarm water

These are some of the most common health concerns whereas there are many more that exist. But, who other than parents can better take care of their child’s health and hygiene. Therefore, along with feeding healthy food to your children, feed them with healthy habits and make them aware of their health and hygiene.

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