Parenting tips for holistic health

Holistic health is a state of mind or a philosophy , that takes into account the individual as a whole , rather than focusing on one or the other part of the body and the total influences whether environmental , social or psychological etc. affecting individual’s health including nutrition , exercise and mental relaxation. It is health attribute in which an individual’s physical and mental state and life experiences form the basis of his or her health. A parent also matures raising a child ,  so it can be said that it is an ongoing process for life.

Here are some nuggets which could help you taste a holistic approach of parenting your child:

  • Have a healthy conversation with your kids: You should try to talk with your kids with a positive attitude as much as possible with a sense , that your child can have his or her own opinion and you should respect that. This comes much more important if your child is in his teens. Sharing daily routines can be highly useful.
  • Have one meal of the day with your kids: Developing a habit of having a meal together not only gives you quality time with your family rather it develops affection and responsibility in your kids.
  • Develop early morning exercise routine: Light exercise or early morning walk improves prevent diseases and keeps you fit and lean.
  • Adopt a pet: Raising up a pet animal makes your kids develop a sense of morality, responsibility, affection for others and a caring nature. They understand the importance of others in life.
  • Always try to seek help: Asking for help from a person with good holistic nursing experience can help a lot. Moreover, a good suggestion can sort out hundreds of dilemma in your heart.
  • Trust your intuition: Being a parent develops an intuition in you which can say what is good or bad for your offspring. All you need is just to cling to it whole heartedly. Don’t let your mind clutter among voices of others and tap in to your own inner guidance to parent your kid.
  • Develop good dietary habits: Healthy and nutritive food is a key to a healthy life. Avoid or eliminate toxins in your children’s environment. Mother’s nature has got all we need to raise up our kids in a healthy manner. All we need is to leave the lap of factories and packaged food and switch to a much healthy organic food.
  • Don’t hesitate: You have got all right to ask question if it relates to your kids life. Question your doctor if what he or she says dies not feel right to you. If you are really not comfortable with your doctor’s opinion, get a second one.
  • Try to lead a stress free life: Your children can feel you fearful, disturbed or stressed out, so leave all your anxiety outside your home. If you trust in yourself, your children will feel the same.
  • Don’t take it personally: Your children are your greatest teachers, so be open to learn from them.
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