3 Basic Principles of Parenting

3 Basic Principles of Parenting

There is a pile of laundry waiting for you to do, the house is messy, the sink is full of dirty utensils, your nanny called in sick and your boss wants to hear none of it. Parenting has never been easy. It is the hardest job on the planet. That is why a lot has been written about it and you barely have time to read the commandments to the end without one of them throwing tantrums.

It can be very confusing. Sometimes you are not sure whether baby proofing or having a personal injury lawyer on stand-by is the best solution. There is no scale that dictates how much love is enough and how much is too much. No worries, here are three basic principles that will guide you:

  1. Be a mirror

The most effective tool of parenting is to set an example. Be what you want your children to be and they will follow suit. You cannot tell them one thing and do the opposite expecting them to listen.  will grow up disrespecting you and end up being the corny and sneaky people around.

From how organized you are, the kind of language you use, your body language and even how you criticize the people on TV. Your children are always taking notes subconsciously. Learn to always tell the truth and apologize when you are wrong. Hug your spouse in front of the kids and relate with your neighbors well. In short, do what you want them to do and your job is half way done.

2. Be involved

Helping your child to tie up her shoe laces or finish homework is not being involved, that is a basic responsibility. You should know where your children are, with who and doing what at all times. Ask them what is going on in their lives and be on the know. When they meet a new friend or get into their first fight, don’t be that parent who gets the details last.

You could also set some time aside every day to bond and play with your children. This will build trust and friendship and they will start seeing you as a helper and not a boss. It is easier to know your child better when you spend time with them.

When your child starts developing independence instincts of wanting to clean the table, clean their own rooms or even help you tidy up, don’t stop them. Let them develop wings by encouraging them and being there to help if need be.

3. Draw the line

Somebody said that too much of something is poisonous. Parenting is not an exemption. You have to do everything in moderation to avoid ending up with spoilt and rebellious kids. Too much love is not telling your child you love them 1000 ties in a day, no, it is replacing the natural love with gifts and material things. It is also allowing them to get away with mischief because you think discipline might kill them or make them hate you.

The mind of a child can take as many rules as you want. Spell it out for them and let them know how far they can go. Explaining these rules to them will make it easier. Don’t be too cautious with them either, allow them to learn from natural consequences.

It is also important to customize parenting depending on the age of your child. Understand that each stage has its own challenges that need to be addressed within certain limits. That way, you won’t treat your teenager like a toddler.


You may not have the whole day to learn and apply all the parenting tips in the world. You have to work and provide for them. These three basic principles will help you sleep easy knowing that you won’t end up with a thug or a serial killer. When you are totally lost, trust your instincts and roll with the, you can never be too wrong.

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